Friday, May 9, 2008

9th of May 2008

I think that I'm starting to become a little to much of a dreamer.
As I mentioned in an earlier entry I like to challenge myself and learn things like with the riding and handstand right now (both of em are actually going pretty good!)
But I also want to learn to sail, get a MC license, learn to play the Harmonica, learn to Surf and much much more.
Then I also want to fulfill my dream to Hitch all around the World, I want to buy a piece of land in the northern parts of Sweden by a lake and build myself a timber house and the most recent one, build a sailing boat!
A lot of things to do but so little time to do them all, do I want too much? But on the other hand, if we didn’t have any dreams we wouldn’t experience and try new things in life and have goals, and that would be a pretty boring life I reckon.
I just read a nice quote in the biography Steve is writing (the elderly bloke I’m living with right now). His grandpa told it to him when he was young and he has tried to live his life by this one and a couple of others, anyway here goes:

We grow great by dreams, all big achievers are dreamers.
They see things in the soft haze of a spring day
or in the red fire of a cold winters evening.
Some of us let our dreams die,
but other nourish and protect them,
nurse them through bad days till they bring them to Sunshine and Light.

Woodrow Wilson

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