Monday, March 10, 2008

7th of March 2008

Ok, here we go. Think I write this whole thing in English so if more people can actually understand what I’m writing, sorry mum!
Sitting on a mountain/sandstone cliff just outside Kununurra (about 3000km northeast of Perth) watching the sun setting over the eastern Kimberly region.
It’s just 9 days left until I’m leaving Perth and going on my biggest challenge to date, hitchhiking all around Australia.
I really don’t think I realize just how huge Australia is, this trip is going to have me thumb riding for at least 16000km. (To compare its about 14000km from Sweden to Perth). Back home I usually count on that I can get an average of 300km each day if I’m realistic. I know it will be different here because it’s a very different country, when I do get a ride I will get very far but it can be many many hours between the pickups because there isn’t much traffic out in the bush. But still let’s say 300km a day, that’s almost 55 days of non-stop hitching!
I just hope it won’t be as freaking hot as it is up here in the North, seriously melting away!
So right now I’m making a list of what stuff I need to get before I leave, for example a new big backpack, a sleeping bag and some kind of mattress. Because I never know when Ill get stuck in the middle of nowhere and have to spend the night on the roadside with all the nice poisonous snakes, spiders and scorpions. And of course the cuddly Roos :P Hitchhiking is a very unpredictable business.. Ill need to get a tent or mosquito dome also to protect me from insect bites and the rain. A torch will also be needed so I actually can see something during the night (the sun has already starting to set pretty early which sucks, because it’s plain impossible to get a ride once it’s dark outside). Much planning to do and as usually I’ve done none. Speaking of the dark, the sun has disappeared behind the horizon now so can’t really see what I'm writing anymore. Will continue another day.

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