Wednesday, March 12, 2008

8th of March 2008

Watching the seemingly endless red dry landscape of Western Australia pass under me from the plane. Not a single house, river or lake as far as the eye can see, just red dusty and dead outback. WA is almost 6 times the size of Sweden but only have 2 million people living here, and of these 2 million 1.5 lives in Perth. Perth is the worlds most isolated city. It is a pretty remote and lonely place!
Was supposed to fly to Kalgoorlie and work this week but just found out its been cancelled, so will only work one night next week. Sucks that I miss out on the money but atleast it will give me enough time to try to sell my car and computer and also give me time to prepare and get the stuff I need for my departure.


Anonymous said...

vilken aktiv bloggare du är sibbstar !

Treesong said...

Go Helgur!