Tuesday, April 6, 2010

1st of April 2010

The beat of German trance is flowing through the speakers and we are doing 150km/h on a busy Autobahn. The sky is grey, the landscape flat and dull without a single leaf on the trees to be seen. We pass town after town and big industrial cities, the wind is cold and bitter.
It is depressing, really depressing.
A week ago I was in New Zealand with all its small lonely country roads, green rolling hills and forests and blue beautiful skies.
As you might have guessed I am home again, I flew via Singapore to Frankfurt and hitched after a bad night of sleep at the airport the 800 kilometres north to Odense in Denmark where my sister lives and my parents were visiting unaware that I would be coming.
So my trip is finished for this time, now I will head back to Sweden and find a job and work for a while. Quite unexpected because I had plans to stay a whole year in New Zealand and work the ski-season there, but mainly because Veronica was back in Sweden I decided to fly home also.
The last week in NZ I stayed at the wwoofing place in Waihi and got a ride to Auckland the last day where I went for a quick trip in the city before leaving for the airport. It took me 66 hours to get from door to door (Waihi to Odense). So quite tired now!

I haven’t counted on how much I spent in NZ nor how many cars I rode with. Neither did I take photos of everyone I rode with.
It has been a very pleasant experience; NZ is a great country to travel in. It is very tourist friendly and probably one of the easiest countries to go backpacking in.
People need to be aware though that if you ever plan to go to New Zealand you don’t go there for the culture, history or fauna (unless you like birds). You go there to see the scenery and nature which is really in world class. Hiking trails, beaches, waterfalls, hot springs and much more beautiful and attractive things.
It do sadden me to leave though, because New Zealand is so far away, literally on the other side of the world I think it will take very long before I go there again if I ever do.. There are just so many other places in the world that I want to see and that are much easier and cheaper to get to and travel in.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my hitch in New Zealand and that you will come back and follow my adventures the next time I leave.
Last but not least, a huge thanks to everyone in New Zealand that did pick me up and showed me their country and incredible hospitality, I hope I can return the favour some day in some way.

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Scott cook said...

Simon, well sorry you're back home, but hope all's well and fun with Veronica! I've had a great time following your adventures on the North Island, as it brings back SO many great memories for me. I actually can't wait to get back to the North to go visit some of my favorites again and see how some have changed--like Waitangi Springs. I think I'll have finished and printed my South Frenzy by Xmas...and then it's back "under" to do the marketing!
Hope your look for work goes well!! twas a pleasure to meet you for such a short Hitch!!...scott