Wednesday, March 26, 2008

25th of March 2008

Hitchhiking in Australia is quite different from Sweden. On average I get about 2-4 rides here each day but I can get way longer on those rides then the average 5-10 rides I get back home on a normal day. The kind of people that pick me up are also different, in Sweden the majority is lonely male drivers between the age of 30 to 50 driving either because of work or to work. In Australia the biggest groups that pick me up are backpackers (when they have room) and locals around the age of 60 driving hutes (pickups) or 4WDs.
But there is people from just about every group of people that do pick me up, from lonely young girls to family's with babies in the car to taxi drivers. It just doesn´t happen as often.
I crossed the border into Victoria a few hours ago, staying in a cabin in a caravan park tonight with an elderly australian on his way to Sydney. Last night I spent in the middle of nowhere (a national park about 150km southeast of Adelaide) pitching my tent with 2 german guys that gave me a ride most of the day. So on the Great Ocean Road between Adeliade and Melbourne right now, but tomorrow I think Ill take a detour to the north and visit a the Grampier national park before I continue my journey to Melbourne.
I haven't seen much sun since I left Perth (In Perth its sunny just about every day!) and on the news they just said its gonna rain the next 6 days in Victoria, Yippie!


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TEst test test

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Oh spännade. Mer bilder åt trogna bloggläsare. =)

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