Wednesday, July 2, 2008

24th of June 2008

You all suck, so disappointed that almost no one commented my Midsummer entry =( (except Nick and Sara and Treesong, props on you!)

I stayed a second night in Mission Beach just chilling and playing Table Tennis.
The next day I hitched to Cairns and spent the night there, main reason for going there was to catch up with Luca, an Italian dude I met in Sydney. Didn’t really fancy Cairns much (touristy, Surfers Paradise alike). But I will give it another chance when I come back.
Next day was Midsummer back home and I wanted to do something special because this was the first time ever I wasn’t back home to celebrate. So I remembered the Winter Solstice party that Tracey, the girl I hitched to Bundaberg with told me about.
So I txt messaged some with Tracey and the next day I hitched south again towards a town called Innisfail because I knew she was going there before turning inland, and it so just happened that we timed each other perfectly and just missed each other in Coles (Big supermarket chain in Oz) by a few minutes (Tracey having no idea I was heading south and I having no idea how far up she actually was).
So we drove inland atop the tablelands meeting up with Trace's friend Laura on the way there. Made a short picnic stop at probably the most picture piquresque(how the hell do you spell that?) waterfall I ever seen, Milla Milla, before heading for the party which was in the middle of the bush with about 50km to the closest town.
Winter Solstice 2008, Cairns, is a BushDoof.
So basically what that means is that a bunch of people (think it was about 1000-1500) drive into the bush and put up there tents and vans and everything and they have a couple of stages there playing nonstop trance 24 hours a day featuring a whole bunch of different DJs, international and local.
Me and Trace (or better known as the extremely fitting names Hippie Trace or Trippie Trace :D) ended up staying 5 days and 4 nights just going wild partying and dancing and getting general freaky, I had the best time ever! Forgetting to eat all the time, waking up 3 in the night going dancing and jumping in the bouncy castle or 10 in the morning just heading over to the stage to chill looking at people dancing or getting in there yourself and last but not least drinking cupious amounts of wine and other stuff.
And have to say that Trace is one of the most amazing people I ever met and I am so glad I did, she is just one of those people that everyone likes talking to and just spreads general happiness by being so nice and giving to everyone.
The solstice party had 3 stages; main stage only played 24 hours though (during the Solstice). And it was the most diverse crowd I’ve seen at a festival, from hippies to ravers to city boys from kids to seniors! And the most amazing thing is how extremely well everyone got along with each other despite such a different crowd and the amounts of drugs going around. Everyone was just in a really happy party mood, got to love it.
Leaving the BushDuff Tuesday afternoon we went to Innot Hot Springs to get rid of some of the dust and to be able to relax some, which quite a few people from the party seemed to think to. Nice being able to clean yourself up after not having a shower since last Thursday and just having dirt, dust and sweat everywhere wearing the same clothes.. And even if the water wasn’t clean it was steaming hot so it still did the trick. Think that’s the first hot springs I ever been to?

Edit: Will put up a photo from the springs when I get one from Trace

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