Wednesday, July 2, 2008

27th of June 2008

Sorry for keeping this and other entries so intense, see so much stuff that I want to tell about but I don’t want to bore you all too much which I already think I do.

After the Hot Springs me and Trace started to make our way towards Cairns but taking it rather easy checking out Millstream Falls then having our first proper feed in 5 days in Ravenshoe before heading on across the amazing Atherton Tablelands trying to spot Cassowaries (A rainforest bird similar to Emus and Ostriches but very weird looking and dangerous) and stopping by Dinner Falls and the amazing Crater which was this huge hole in the middle of a rainforest mountain. Round about 50 diameter going down 60 meter before there was water and then another 80 meters before bending in under us, weird. Although impossible to get a good picture of.
We spent that night at a hill lookout in Atherton munching cheese and crackers and drinking more wine continuing our party!
Next day we stopped at a huge Curtain Fig and a Crater Lake before driving the winding road down the Dividing Range almost going over the edge looking too much at the beautiful views instead of the road. Then we got to Cairns where we had some lunch and then picked up Sal, a friend of Tracey.
We headed northwest to a place outside Kuranda where Sal's friend had a pretty wicked house without walls where we stayed the night, just the three of us once again hitting the Chardonnay.
Next day we checked out Barren Falls by Kuranda then we spent some time browsing the markets in town before heading north towards Daintree National Park and Cape Tribulation.
Up there we went into the Mossman Gorge which was beautiful, still no Cassowaries though (I’ve looked in so many places now but they just don’t want to show themselves to me).
After Mossman we went to Daintree Village to camp out the night with yet more Chardonnay on the menu, my last night though. But this was also my 100th day and night since I left Perth, Horray! Hopefully Ill make it back to Perth before my visa expires in 85 days (I think I travelled about halfway now, maybe less but getting there!) and before I run out of money.
So it ended up being a 7 days nonstop (except for the 3 days driving) Midsummer Party, not to bad :D
The next morning we went on a small river cruise in the Daintree River so we could spot us some wild crocodiles, Green Tree Snakes and a few birds. The Crocs were not that big (Can get up to 6-7 meters which is one freakish scary man eating machine!!) though but at least I’ve seen them in the wild now!
After that we drove to Cape Tribulation to check the beaches and yet more amazing Rainforests. Then it was finally time to say goodbye to Sal and Trace because I wanted to go further north and check out this Black Mountain I had heard of while Sal and Trace was heading back to Cairns for another party.
Had an amazing week with you Trace, thanks! You’re the best :)

Edit: Can you believe it, a few minutes after Trace and Sal left me they saw a Cassowary! How unfair is that?
Also, my camera really sucks :(

Edit2: Anyone noticed that I dont really like taking pictures of people? Always just landscape views it seems.. most of the time anyway

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