Monday, April 14, 2008

12th of April 2008

Leaving Sydney was a new experience for me, for the first time since I left Perth I really had no idea where I wanted to go next and what was worth seeing on the way. I figured northwest was the only way to go because of the freeways going north and me coming from the south, southwest. So I took a train to a suburb that looked to be outside the city (it wasn’t) and started hitching from there. Being in a really relaxed mood having no idea where I was heading was a really “free” feeling, the second guy I got a ride with I stayed with at the nursery he worked at for a hour having a few beers and just chilling, then I caught another ride to a small place called Wiseman’s ferry which seemed like a lovely little place, so having no better plans I pitched my tent next to the river already in the afternoon and just relaxed the rest of the day getting to know some locals of a couple pints of Guinness.
Today I took the ferry over the river got a ride to a even smaller town called St Albans (Historical town with a pub and around 10 houses and a gallery) via a dirt road which was the only road going there . I mentioned to the guy I was riding with that I was planning to start Woofing and it turned out he knew a couple in the region that took in woofers. So that whole day I spent at the gallery (the guy was on his way there to have a chat with the owner which he also knew) munching chocolate cake and drinking tea, and of course I had time for a Guinness at the pub also while they tried to get a hold of the couple! Turned out they really needed a woofer so the gallery owner drove me there because she was having dinner with them later the same day. So now I just arrived at this little house in the middle of Yengo National Park with an elderly man and women and a dog, 2 horses, a couple of chooks and a lot of organic vegetables and fruits!. Going to be another new and exciting experience :)

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Treesong said...

You have not written anything for 10 days! I bet they are working you hard. :)

Hope you have fun.