Tuesday, April 8, 2008

8th of April 2008

In Sydney now, hurried to get from Canberra to Sydney so I could catch up with Mette one last time before she went home. Went southeast from Canberra to Batesmans Bay, made a stop in Pebblys Beach then continued all the way north to Sydney. Missed Jervis Bay but you cant see em all!

Just wanted to post a couple of amazing photos from Pebblys Beach, loved that place.. my arms look like Greger gone wild on em right now though

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Treesong said...

Love to read your stuff, Helgur, keep it coming. I am in awe about you youngsters doing this shit. Sorry that I am such an antisocial nerd that I did not want to hook up in Melbourne, but that's who I am.
Great pictures too!