Sunday, April 27, 2008

25th of April 2008

Decided to stay another day in Katoomba because the weather was really shit. So spent most of the day just chilling, watching TV and reading. The fog cleared up some in the afternoon so I could go for a hike and check out the three sisters (It’s just a rock formation!), so good thing I stayed.
Today I headed southwest on the Blue Mountains to the Genolan Caves, a huge place with a lot of different amazing caves. Took only two tours (second one was free :P) because I’m a cheap bastard and wanted to keep going. Then I headed south towards Berrima where I want to check out a forest, I also passed the jail where Ivan is currently at! (Will tell you more about Ivan and the Forest in my next entry). Lying in my tent right now at a closed down camping ground, so it’s for free but no facilities here.
I just wanted to write about the last ride I had today (had 6 different ones today) because it was one of those really rare and memorable ones.
It was an elderly fella originally from Holland named Arie. He spoke Dutch, English, German, French and Italian fluently. He also knew quite some Swedish, Greek, Hebrew, Latin and god knows what else! Told me that he used to be an atheist when he was younger studying at Uni (I like to call myself an agnostic). And that he later on was a Buddhist. Then he studied the bible and Koran and other books trougherly and now he had become a passionate Christian. He was convinced that the second coming of Christ was going to happen within the next 15-20 years and unless you loved Lord Jesus Christ every day you would not be around for the afterlife. And that you had to do good deeds or you would suffer for all the bad ones you’ve done in life. This wasn’t the rare part about him though, it was how extremely convincing he was! I only rode with him for about 70km but still he really got me thinking and I’m usually extremely skeptic whenever it comes to religion and everything surrounding it. It’s just scary how this old man could affect me so much in such a short time and make me doubt all my beliefs. And I have spoken to a lot of Christians before in all kind of shapes, from priests to Jehovah Witnesses. But never before have I been so dazzled. And no I'm not turning Christian, I’m just amazed by this fella and really hope he never runs for a position with power!

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Treesong said...

That sort of guy would scare the shit out of me. Are you sure there wasn't some bloodied shovel in his trunk with which he buried all the hitchhikers he could not convert?

Damn, you are brave. You just got out on time!

(I watch too much CI, I know).