Friday, April 4, 2008

3rd of April 2008

Just had one of my scariest rides ever! To lazy to write about it. Got rid of my laptop in Melbourne so sitting at expensive IT cafe time now. I also got rid of my lonely planet in Melbourne which wasnt the smartest of ideas ive found out..
So I left Melbourne tuesday afternoon by taking a train to the outer suburbs, got a couple of rides (I just love getting rides with "real" australians around there 40s on their way home from work) and arrived where I wanted. Watched the penguin parade which wasnt very impressive because apparently I was there during the worst time of the year. Just my luck! Got a ride from there after dark by a young ranger named Sam, he let me spend the night in his shed in a bunkbed. Hurray for free accomodation and dinner and brekkie! :D
Left next day I left early heading down to Wilsons Prom National Park which turned out to be pretty tricky, but 9 rides later I ended up there anyway. The staff there told me I wasnt allowed to camp anywhere except the main camping area because there was really bad weather incoming. So I took a 2-3 hours stroll in this beautiful national park (kinda reminded me of Yosemite) before the storm came and hit me hard! That night we had over 30m/s winds, the rain was pouring down, it was thundering and was around 5 degrees. Dirt was blowing into my tent before the rain hit and we even got hail in the morning. So both my tent and me was put to the ultimate test, it was a horrible night but atleast I survived it! Most stuff I own is covered in wet dirt though which isnt much fun.
I left the park in the afternoon today after riding out the worst rain, not a fun day because my rain poncho was all wet and whenever it started raining I had to seek cover under some trees and wait for it to stop before trying to hitch. But I got a whole bunch of rides still, with the last one as I said being pretty darn scary. But now im in a nice little place called Lakes Entrance in a warm hostel bed.
I didnt even see a single Wombat in Wilsons Prom because of the weather, this NP is supposed to be the easiest and best spot to see them in Australia :(

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