Tuesday, June 17, 2008

11th of June 2008

Getting out of the Carnavron Gorge area proved to real easy, I stood on the road for about 30 seconds then this old guy I had ran into while hiking some 4-5 times the previous days pulled up and was heading exactly where I was.
But he didn't end up going all the way, but I just had to wait another 15 minutes before another car picked me up and I got a ride the whole way to the town of Mackay.
I went to Mackay to visit Brandon, the guy I went for the long detour with to pick up a car in Towoomba. But I never could get a hold of him when I got there so ended up at a hostel instead. Was planning to head northwest from there to Eugenella National Park the next day but got talking to a Duth guy and a Canadian girl which I ended up renting a car with and taking a drive into the National Park ourself instead.
Had a great day there and went on a short hike in the NP rainforest to a waterfall by a small rockpool which we went for a swim in, very cold but refreshing! In Eugenella I also got to see an animal I never expected to see my whole life, the Playtupus! And for the readers that doesn't know what a Playtupus is, Wikipedia is your friend :P Its an extremely odd, rare and shy creature anyway.
Went back to the hostel and stayed another night, checked out some local beaches this morning because we still had the car and this afternoon Ill head for Airlie Beach and the famous Whitsundays.


Anonymous said...

Well you got your head between a girls legs finally! ^^

Sibbe The Hitcher said...

Bah, thats just mean! :P
And btw, my stomach doesnt usually look that fit.. its only when I have a girl on top of me :D