Thursday, June 19, 2008

19th of June 2008

My motivation to be on the road has so crashed down to nothing the last couple of days! Right now I just want to get back to Perth and take it easy. Been skipping sights here quite some but still there is so much around here worth seeing. But it feels like I’m not making any progress at all looking at the map, just standing still here on the east coast and still got faaaaar to go before I reach my goal, Perth. Don’t think my money will last me the whole trip either. Got about 40-45 days left if I stick to my budget of 50 dollars a day and don’t go on any expensive tours.

Headed north to Townsville next, not much to say about that trip except that I got a ride with a former bikie that had some really interesting stories to tell.
Townsville really made an impression on me, I reckon that I could probably live and work there because I just really liked how it looked and the general atmosphere there. Sadly idiot pom roomies, construction work, loosing my Tupperware I had with me from Perth full with cooked dinner and it taking me more then 4 hours to get out of town because I didn’t realize how big it was kind of ruined the whole Townsville experience for me. And I didn’t feel like staying around and have a look in town either because I was so tired not getting any proper sleep the last 4 nights.
Kept on going north and about 5 minutes before I got to Ingham I decided I wanted to go to Wallaman Falls which is about 50km west of Ingham.
In Ingham I had a beautiful girl in her 20s walk up to me while I was walking down the street and asking me if I needed a ride up north, dumbass as I am of course I said no because I was going west. But that’s a new one anyway!
Didn’t reach the fall that day and had to camp out just next to the Sugar Cane Fields in the middle of nowhere. 4 AM that night I got scared shitless because a train just passed at the other side of the road sounding its horn and keeping its lights on me, didn’t even know there was a rail track there!
Went to Wallaman Falls which was a nice place, highest drop falls in Australia with 268 meters single drop fall.
Mission Beach was the next stop on the road. Mission Beach consists of 4 small townships stretching along a 14km long coastline with nice beaches and Wet Tropics
area inland. The hostel here is probably the most laid back and nicest one I’ve been to yet. Went for a walk yesterday to see if I could spot a Cassowary, but no luck yet! In half a hour I think Ill try to hitch a ride to Cairns, don’t know if I’m staying there though or going to this Winter Solstice Party in the middle of the bush instead.

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Unknown said...

Hi Simon,
Great stories mate!
What's the big rush to get back to Perth? It's rainy and cold here... Is there something your not telling us? Keep well dude!