Tuesday, June 10, 2008

6th of June 2008

Great Keppel Island was another island with just incredible beautiful beaches and different nature compared to what Ive seen before with a lot f tropical plants, tons of colorful butterflies and small skinks everywhere. I also saw a couple of 1 metre long Goannas there.
But I do think I'm starting to get fed up on nice beaches, I mean there is so many out there! Australia has more coastline then any other country in the world with so many amazing beaches, for example the ones around Esperance, Byron Bay and all the island beaches. But after a while I think you just seen enough, sure there is few things in life that beats sitting alone on a beautiful remote Beach, basically there is only one thing missing to make it perfect. Or actually two, a beautiful girl and a ice cold beer!
So now I more appreciate seeing more unique and different beaches like beautiful Shell Beach in Western Australia, the black beaches of Tahiti or Birdlings Flat
I only spent the day at Keppel because its small enough to walk around on, the map I was given was worthless though and trying to cross the island I got lost which wasn't to much fun, walking around in the middle of the bush just wearing a pair of shorts and my thongs (flip-flops).
Stayed another night in Rocky then I headed west. Being pretty lucky it only took me two rides to get the about 500km to the turnoff to Carnarvon NP. The first ride was a fella named Brett who was driving a brand new car that he just had picked up from the dealer before he picked me up, he drove me all the way to Emerald and fed me some lunch there before taking off again.
Getting into the NP (another 40km) proved to be a lot harder though and I actually started to unpack my tent to pitch it on the roadside when a local farmed picked me up and offered me a bed in their lunchroom another 20km up the road.
Sitting on the roadside now, Friday morning, waiting for a ride to get into the NP which I can see in the distance with the impressive walls of the Ranges

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