Sunday, June 1, 2008

1st of June 2008

It’s hard to imagine that it’s June already and supposed to be summer back home. Because here it seems to be no end to either the rain or the winds.
Stayed two nights in Noosa and didn’t even see the beach once, but I had quite a good time there anyway and went to see the new Indiana Jones movie the last night. The movie was kind of a disappointment but still had its moments and Ford is great as always! It just got a little bit too much in some scenes, just too unreal to be enjoyable!
Leaving Noosa was not pleasant, had to stand/walk for more then 2 hours having the rain absolutely pissing down on me and didn’t want to put my heavy backpack on the ground because of fear of getting it wet. But eventually I got a ride and the other 3 rides I caught that day were under cover.
Went to the small town of Rainbow Beach which is just south of Frasier Island instead of Hervey Bay west of Frasier.
Frasier Island is the world biggest sand island and on the World Heritage List (I think, the Hervey Bay area is anyway!). Frasier is also together with Whitsundays the place all backpackers talk about and say is on of the best places to go in Australia, don’t really know why though.
But the rain is just pouring down and the winds are just getting worse, all the ferries to Frasier have been cancelled the last two days. The forecast says its going to get worse and that it will keep on raining at least until Wednesday. So after staying 2 nights inside this hostel I just say screw Frasier, I will keep on heading north for warmer weather! Can’t stay here several nights spending money just to wait for better weather.
At least I got to see the beach here and the sandblow which is like a beach up on a hill. Also got some great roommates so still had a good time here and yesterday when there was a hold in the downpour we went to the sandblow and took a bunch of fun photos.

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