Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3rd of June 2008

And so I have reached tropical Australia, Crocodile and box Jellyfish (and a shitload of poisonous snakes of course) Country! Passed the Tropic of the Capricorn and came into the biggest town of central Queensland, Rockhampton.
But before that I went to Bundaberg the sugar and rum town of Australia. Had another day hitching in the rain to get there but wasn't to bad. The last ride I got there was the first girl under 40 alone in the car to give me a ride since I came to Australia (about 200 different cars) and she was really coolStayed in a pretty shitty hostel full of fruit pickers, funny thing happened there though. Ran into one of the german backpackers that gave me a ride on Kangaroo Island some 70 days and 7000km ago, its a small world!.
So in Bundaberg they make a lot of sugar, and next to the sugar factory is the Rum distillery (they use the molasses that is a bi-product from making sugar to make the rum). The famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer and Sarsaparilla is also made here. I went to the distillery for a tour which was quite interesting, they have one of the yummiest liquors I ever tasted there to! Sadly its only sold at the distillery and nowhere else.
So yesterday afternoon I headed north again and got pretty lucky and got all the way to Rockhampton. Today Ive been around town and at the county fair spending way to much money. Rockhampton is also supposed to be the beef capital of Australia which was noticeable at the fair where they were crowning a bunch of cows for all kinds of stuff!
Tomorrow I think Ill go to Great Keppel Island for a day trip then on Thursday I'm actually heading Southwest leaving the tropical part again to go the Carnavron Gorge.

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Tracey Lewis said...

Glad that I could rescue from the rain on the way to Bundaberg Simon, it was a nice drive with you in the car.
Sorry I took you to a shitty backpackers (I don't know the reputation of the local ones) but what a coincidence that the friend you met some 7,000kms was also staying there.
Hope you get the chance to come along to Winter Solstice not far from Cairns. It starts on the 20th of June and finishes on the 24th.
Safe travels to you and if I see you around, I will happily pick you up again.
Tracey :)