Wednesday, April 23, 2008

23rd of April 2008

Deep in the Forgotten Valley Northwest of Sydney, 4km from the closest neighbour, 90mins from the closest grocery store, living on rainwater and solar power (with a diesel backup), outdoor toilets, 2 lovely horses, 2 energetic dogs, a bunch of chooks, a lot of wildlife including king parrots that you can hand feed and the biggest spiders I’ve seen in my life! And a lot of organic fruits and veggies growing everywhere.
Kathmandu they call it, that’s where Ursula and Terry lives and where I spent my last 11 days.
Chopping wood, painting windows, grooming horses, digging holes and other stuff is what I’ve been doing for a couple of hours a day while really enjoying myself. I’ve had the best sleep since I came to Australia, been eating healthy and excellent meals several times a day, breathing fresh air while doing physical work and last but not least Ursula and Terry has taught and told me many useful things and stories.
The first day it was nice weather, but since then it’s been raining just about every day. We even had to wade through knee deep water this morning because the creek passing the entrance was at least 50 centimeters higher then it usually is.
Its just an amazing and healthy lifestyle they have, Terry is world known and working with Vincent motorcycle parts while Ursula takes care of the house, the surrounding land and all the animals and also goes away massaging people every now and then. Wish I can create something like that myself some day in the future.
But as I said I left this morning after Ursula went into the suburbs to do some shopping. Changed my mind and decided I will go to the Blue Mountains after all, so right now I’m high up in Katoomba where it of course is raining, is misty and really cold. Just hope it clears up some by tomorrow morning so I can see some stuff here!

Edit: Anyone stuck in the soya hype btw (drinking soya milk, eating tofu and so on) should really read this article!!

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Anonymous said...

Rock on man, don't let life stick you back in the whole 9-5 bit now. Plenty of time for that later, enjoy the hell out of where you are what you're doing and who you'll be on the other end of your 'walk about'