Monday, April 28, 2008

28th of April 2008

Left Berrima early morning after a very cold night in my tent. Went back west into Belanglo State Forest and got a few rides there and walked around quite some.
Belanglo is the Forest where the bodies of Ivan Molats victims where found. Ivan Molat was the guy behind the Backpacker Murders; he picked up hitchhikers in the beginning of the 90s and murdered them by shooting them several times in the head, stabbing, raping and torturing them. So quite a nutcase! But two people did get away alive from him and because of these two he got caught. They found 7 bodies in the forest of which 5 were international backpackers but there are speculations that he can have killed up to 30 more. He is in a high security prison right now in Goulburn serving 7 life sentences, he got sent there after trying to escape from his first prison (why the hell don’t they put a whack job like him directly in a high security?) But he also has 3 brothers that he claims were in on the murders but that never got sentenced for anything. Ivan is probably the biggest reason hitchhiking became a dying art in Australia and that people are afraid of doing it and picking up people. He is also the inspiration for the 2005 horror movie Wolf’s Creek.
I did see my first snake in Belanglo since leaving Perth! Think it was a red-bellied black snake almost 1.5 meter long. A very fitting place to find a deadly snake!
Sadly my camera have stopped working so got no photo of it and the only photos of the forest I have is on my mobile, but I guess its better then nothing!
After that I kept on going west but only came to Yass, took into a motel because it was so cheap (20$ for a room!) Got on the piss on with the locals that night for a change, much fun but argh what a hangover! So got a pretty late start the next day and only succeeded in getting about 120km that day. Came to a place called Young where it started raining on me so I went into a café to get some grub. While eating a couple came up to me and asked me if needed anywhere to sleep tonight to get out of the rain and told me I could stay in their caravan. So stayed the night there getting fed some warm soup and watching a movie, thanks Ron and Brenda 
Today its been so cold all day, was 8 degrees this morning and windy and stayed that way all day, just 5 degrees outside now, and this is supposed to be Australia? Been heading north all day and got myself a new camera in Dubbo because I didn’t have much choice if I want to take some more photos. After getting another 40km north of Dubbo the sun started setting and a woman named Lyn picked me up and offered me to stay in their house. So been fed today again and watched movies with her kids and sleeping in a warm big bed tonight! Tomorrow Ill hopefully get to the Warrambungle National Park pretty quick and do a hike there without it being to freezing cold, then after that the plan is to head east into even more mountains.. brr!


Anonymous said...

Jag saknar en karta sibbe! Hur ska ja veta vilken väg du har tagit! *noll koll på aussie*

Ps, Vad snälla människor som tar in en o låter en sova över :)


Anonymous said...

wooohooo... din jävla freeloader ;)
skitfett alltihop, precis som vanligt. Kick ass!!

Anonymous said...

Warm beds?! Soup? Movies!?!

Bah what sort of harrowing quest through the rough soul testing wilds of OZ is this!?!

hehe ^^