Sunday, April 6, 2008

6th of April 2008

Take a look at the photo above, now THAT is what I love about hitchhiking! In the middle of nowhere, the weather is beautiful and warm, the view is amazing. Can just sit down and enjoy the view or listen to the birds or read a book or whatever, a car passing by about every 10 minutes or so. No idea who the next person will be that picks me up but sure it will be someone interesting with lots of stories to tell (And it really was :D). The freedom, I LOVE it :)
In Lakes Entrance I met my match in hitching, a german guy that started his first thumbride 15 years ago, and he had been on the road the last 3.5 years hitching all continents except Asia, he was on his way there.. now that is impressive!
Left the Lakes in the morning heading east with a couple of rides to small unknown little place called Mallacoota. Its popular among the city people living nearby so there was alot of holiday makers hanging around with their caravans, but I was the only person staying in the hostel which was a kind of weird feeling. The next day I finally started heading north, towards Canberra crossing some mountains and viewing the Australian Alps in the distance, amazing countryside with lovely people and small little towns.
In Canberra now since yesterday, interesting to see how the town is built considering everything was planned and its so new. The War Memorial was the highlight, could have spent my whole day there if they weren't closing at 17 already. Other then that Canberra is pretty boring, people seem to be pretty dull around here but they absolutely love running! Never seen so many joggers in my life.
Tomorrow I think Ill head southeast to the coast then north towards Sydney, should arrive there tomorrow evening or on Tuesday if I just take it easy.

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And Decibella, har ingen aning! Men formodligen inte.. hoppas pa Augusti, da var val du ledig med? :D


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